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Caring for Caregivers Too.

Caregiving can be a highly draining and challenging role. And respite care is the perfect occasion for caregivers to have a break, go on vacation or devote some time to their own self-care needs while knowing that their loved one is still receiving the best care possible.

At Live Well, we think about caregivers too and that’s why we provide unequalled respite care services.

We adapt our respite care to each of our client's individual needs. All our guests will be in good hands since our care and nursing teams have specialised expertise in supporting people with disabilities, including dementia. Give us a call today.

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Our Respite Care Process

At Live Well, from the moment we take on new clients for our respite care services, we spend time with them and their families to get to know them and understand some of their daily routines.

We then draw up a personalised care plan with the help of the regular caregiver. Then, we carefully select the appropriate replacement caregiver from our staff.

By determining how much communication the guest's family would like to have during our time with them, we will ensure that their loved ones are kept well informed and reassured.

Tailoring a unique care plan

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