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Learning Disability Care in Footscray

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Are you seeking a trustworthy facility with unparalleled learning disability care? You’ve reached the right place; Live Well serves Footscray with premier services.

Empowering People with Learning Disabilities

Each of us becomes independent by acquiring a different set of skills during childhood and adolescence. Yet, people with learning disabilities, like autism and dyslexia, are most often unable to manage on their own.

From experiencing difficulty with cooking to having challenges with paperwork at home, there are many barriers related to learning disorders that can make daily life much more daunting.At Live Well, empowering people is the lifeblood of services.

Whether you need us to provide a caregiver or special training for your disabled child, we have the expertise to make your life or your kids' lives a little easier. Call us today.

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Find support to help your kids reach their full potential

Identifying a child with a learning disability at preschool age can be tricky. While an expert diagnosis can shed light on your child's condition, there are some key signs that you can look for to find support as early as possible to help your kid reach his or her full potential. These symptoms include:

  • Challenges learning shapes, colours, the alphabet, numbers, or days
  • Trouble finding correct words
  • Difficulty making rhymes
  • Problems using pencils and scissors, or colouring on the lines
  • Difficulty pronouncing words
  • Having a hard time following instructions or learning routines
  • Struggling to handle buttons, zippers, snaps, or learn how to tie shoes.

If you believe your child's may need special assistance due to learning disabilities, contact Live Well today.

Find support to help your kids reach their full potential


Learning Disability Care Brunswick

Detect the signs of your child’s learning disability early

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